Camping chips! They are a fun little game for when you go camping with family or friends. 

They are awarded for the following deeds: 
1: Recognizing correct forest signage. 
2: Taking the most pictures of said camping trip. 
3: Hooking up the RV correctly, or if no RV is used in camping trip, it is given for complimenting a neighboring camper’s RV in person. 
4: Reading the map correctly and with confidence. 
5: Building a perfect/badass campfire. 
6: Navigating the trail. 
7: Setting up the tent either by yourself, or with a partner and not fighting about it. 
8: Hiking and not complaining or crying. 
9: Gathering the most wood for the campfire. Also without complaining, or crying. 
10: Cooking the best camp dinner that isn’t hot dogs.

Camping Award Chips Set